“Ronja Røverdatter” by Astrid Lindgren

To improve my Danish, I decided to read some children books and who would be better to choose than famous Swedish author Astrid Lindren. (I know, Danish and Swedish are different languages, but they are very similar.)

Ronja is the daughter of a robber and grows up in a beautiful forest full of magical creatures. She is smart and brave and must face some difficult decisions when she meets Birk, son of Ronjas father archenemy. Does she have to hate someone, just because her father does? Even when that someone saved her life? And does she wants to become a robber like her dad when she grows up?

“Ronja Røverdatter” is a coming-of-age story, which takes you into a magical world and makes you to want to take of your shoes, run through the forest and swim in the lake. Especially when it is really, really cold.


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