“The Chosen Maid” by Eva Stachniak

I danced Ballett as a child. I wasn’t very good, but those years as a ballerina gave me a good understanding of dancing. I can appreciate dancers and the difficult steps they take. If you want to learn more about Ballett and the hardships that come with wanting to become a dancer, then this book is for you.

Eva Stachniak gives you an interesting insight into the world of Ballett and connects that with the amazing life of Bronislava Nijinska, who was a famous dancer and Choreograf during the first half of the 19th century. She was unfortunately overshadowed by her brother, Vaslav Nijinsky.

The book is largely based on Bronislavas diary and describes her hard childhood, which was dedicated to becoming a dancer, her difficult relationship with her eccentric brother and her love for Ballett, that helps her through all the tough times in her life.

I enjoyed the book very much. I love true stories that are told in a fictional way, but include accurately historical facts. In “The Chosen Maid” I got swept away into the life of dancers during the Russian Revolution and First World War and like a Ballett it was a dreamy experience.

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