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The perfect vacation

Brand, a small village in the northwest of Austria, feels like a second home to me. My family went here every year for skiing vacation when I was a child until I was almost done with school. We always went to the same hotel, ate at the same places and skied the same slopes. The people remembered and welcomed us. It was wonderful.

After school I hardly ever managed to go back there, so I was very happy when my family decided to again this year. Things are a bit different than they used to be. We were a bigger group since my sister brought her husband and her two little children, we stayed at a different hotel and the skiing resort improved and increased their slopes and gondolas. But the feeling is still the same. It still feels like home.

I was immediately able to relax. Every morning I started the day with a delicious breakfast, after that I went uphill and skied until lunch time. In the little cafes up in the mountains I was able to relax, enjoy the wonderful view and work on my tan. After that some more skiing before I went down to the village again, where I relaxed with a good book for a few hours. In the evening my family and me went to the restaurant “Dorfschenke”, where the best dish is the trout. I had it three times in one week.

The weather was perfect, the slopes were wonderful to ski down on, the food enjoyable and the hotel comfortable. I felt like I was at the right time at the right place doing the right things. I forgot about work and everyday problems and was able to just enjoy myself. The perfect vacation.